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The One And Only

- who you want to be with; who you wish you were -

30 January 1986
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Being the eigth child in a mess of eleven, the oldest girl to boot, puts Riana into quite a predicament. The Binns family has already left its mark on Hogwarts soil - quite a few times, actually - but Riana is a resourceful girl. She made a name for herself being a devout fashionista and remarkable seeker by the time she hit fourth year. A natural on the broom and with the make-up brush, if you have any questions within the realm of beauty products, clothes, or Quidditch, she is a good candidate to ask. She was also notorious for her almost religious following of the latest gossip, as well as her tendency to get bored with her so-called boyfriends. The girl has an attention span of a thimble.

Since she was scouted for the Appleby Arrows in her seventh year, she has always been in the field of Profession Quidditch. She played for the Arrows' farm team, slowly building a name for herself in regards to her seeking prowess over two years, until she was scouted for the actual team when she hit 20. Soon afterwards, she transferred to a newly formed team in the United States around the New York area. Rumor has it that Riana is back with a vengeance, once again looking to a position on the Arrows and with a new vigor regarding life and new partying tendencies to go along with it.